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iCat Advanced Scholars Program


iCat is for academically talented students who are seeking advanced opportunities to get a competitive edge in preparing to apply to a 4-year college or university. The iCat Advanced Scholars Program also provides you freedom & choice to pursue your passions via iPad delivery of advanced curriculum.

iCat Plus differs from iCat in that students have the opportunity to earn an advanced high school diploma. Not only do they enjoy the challenge and rigor of AP courses and the use of iPad technology, they can even graduate with an AP Capstone diploma, which puts them at a competitive advantage to their peers. AP Capstone Diploma is regard by colleges and universities as similar to the IB and Cambridge programs. 




Click HERE to view the iCat Advanced Scholars Program PowerPoint presentation!



iCat Course Requirements:

Students who apply for iCat are expected to register for and successfully complete the following core classes during their high school careers:

9th Grade:
Social Studies: AP Human Geography
English: English 1 Honors
Mathematics: Geometry Honors OR Algebra 1 Honors
Science: Biology Honors OR Physical Science Honors

10th Grade:
Social Studies: AP World History
English: English 2 Honors OR AP Language OR DE English
Mathematics: Geometry Honors OR Algebra 2 Honors OR Pre-Calculus OR DE Math
Science: Biology Honors OR Chemistry Honors

11th Grade:
Social Studies: AP U.S. History
English: English 3 Honors OR AP Language OR DE English
Mathematics: Algebra 2 Honors OR Pre-Calculus OR AP Calculus OR DE Math
Science: Physics Honors OR Chemistry Honors OR AP Biology

12th Grade:
Social Studies: AP Government and AP Economics
English: English 4 Honors OR AP Language OR DE English
Mathematics: Pre-Calculus OR AP Calculus OR AP Statistics OR DE Math
Science: AP Physics 1 & 2 OR AP Chemistry OR AP Biology OR DE Science

iCat Plus + AP Capstone Course Requirements:

(click here for AP Capstone information)

• 4 AP Courses with a score of 3 on the AP Exams
• AP Seminar during 11th grade
• AP Research during 12 grade


2017-2018 iCat Application 
Please complete all information and submit by March 10th, 2017.


Complete the information below. Mrs. Jarke will receive all electronically-submitted applications.