School Psychologist


School psychologists in Pasco County work toward improving children’s overall quality of life. They work to develop a more tolerant, less violent society and to ensure that children are considered an asset and are important to their community.

Mission Statement:

School psychologists in Pasco County seek to create and maintain an atmosphere which fosters the development of academic and social potential in all students. This mission is aligned with the district’s vision and philosophy.

Psychological Services:

Pasco County school psychologists provide a broad scope of comprehensive services which go beyond the typical referral-based evaluation services so frequently associated with this profession. As members of collaborative interdisciplinary teams, the school psychologists work closely with social workers, nurses, and other professionals to provide services to their schools. This team approach provides comprehensive integrated services with little duplication of process. Services and recommendations are based on the most current knowledge and the latest research available. Services provided by school psychologists include:

• assessment for intervention

• counseling services

• consultation to teachers, parents, administrators, and support staff

• intervention design and monitoring

• parent support

• program development and evaluation

• serving on crisis-intervention teams

• consultation with community agencies

• active involvement with community efforts to build healthy environments for children and families