Club News

Now’s the time to sign up and get involved in clubs at WCHS!
Club Days are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Please contact the club sponsor for more information.




How clubs are formed:
If a group of students are interested in forming a club that WCHS does not offer, they must find a WCHS faculty member to sponsor the club. If the faculty member agrees, he/she will notify Mrs. Johnson to get the club approved for the school year.

How students join clubs:
WCHS will promote clubs through the school news, so students are aware of what clubs we will offer. On the first club day, students will select a club that they think they would like to join and attend the meeting during club day to find out if the club is of interest to them. If it is, the student will join the club by letting the faculty sponsor know they would like to be in the club.