School Psychologist, Social Worker, and Important Student Services Members

School Psychologist

Dr. Kari Pomerenke

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Social Worker

Ms. Melba Hoover

School social workers provide assistance to students, families, and appropriate school staff to understand and participate in the process of problem resolution. They may act as a liaison between school, family, and other community agencies in nurturing a child’s growth and development.

School Nurse

Ms. Lauren Moore

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Corporal Bryan Mobley

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a certified law enforcement officer who is permanently assigned to Wesley Chapel High School. He/she is trained to fulfill three roles: first and foremost, he/she is a law enforcement officer whose primary purpose is to help maintain a safe and orderly environment in the high school so that students can learn; secondly, he/she is a law-related counselor who provides guidance to students and acts as a link to support services both inside and outside the school environment; and thirdly, he/she is a law-related education teacher who provides the school with an additional resource.

Special Education

Ms. Ashley O’Donnell – ESE PLC Facilitator, Self-Contained Classrooms

Ms. Patrice Tara – ESE Facilitators, Mainstream Classrooms

Pasco County School District provides special education services for students with disabilities. When an educational disability is suspected, a comprehensive assessment is required, including a physical, a psychological evaluation, social history, an observation in the classroom, and educational evaluations and assessments in areas related to the suspected disability. If the student is determined to have an educational disability and needs special education services, recommendations regarding appropriate services are made in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Service considerations include accommodations and support services in the general education classroom, related services, co-teaching and a case manager. By law, children must be served in the “least restrictive” educational setting.

Compliance Resource Manager

Ms. Gina Taylor Email


Behavioral Specialists

Ms. Heather Farnsworth

Mrs. Davis

Speech Pathologist

Speech and language services are provided to facilitate the acquisition and use of language by students whose language development is delayed or impaired. These services are available to students through recommendation by the Committee on Special Education (CSE), if it is determined that the language disability is having a significant impact on a student’s educational performance and ability to benefit from instruction.